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>> PC452霍尔全极型开关电路

PC1452霍尔开关A integrated circuit is an omnipolar Hall-effect switch with a digital output. Either North or South magnetic field with sufficient strength will turn the output off (high).In the absence of a magnetic field, the output is off (high).  The polarity  independence  allow PC1452A to easily replace reed switches for superior reliability and case of manufacturing.To improve stability, it includes a temperature compensated voltage regulator, a differential amplifier, a Schmit trigger and a open-collector output driver capable of sinking up to 25mA current load.The temperature-dependent bias increases the supply voltage of the hall plates and adjusts the switching  points  to  the  decreasing induction of magnets at higher temperatures.Subsequently, the output can keep switching on/off on more precise switch point regardless to the ambient temperature PC1452A are rated for operation over temperature range from –40˚C to 125 ˚C and voltage ranges from 2.8V to 30V.ThePC1452A is available in standard TO-92S(SIP-3L) package. 


>> 产品特性及优点

    • Built-in reverse polarity protection
    • Operates from 2.8V to 30V supply voltage
    • On-chip Hall Sensor and driver
    • On-chip temperature  compensation  circuitry
    • minimizes shifts in On & Off points.
    • On-chip voltage regulator to stabilize On&Off point
    • Operation with North or South Pole
    • South or North magnetic field: Output High
    • No magnetic field : Output Low

>> 产品应用领域

    • Speed and RPM (revolutions per minute) sensing
    • in fitness  equipment
    • Magnetic encoder for building access
    • Damper or valve position control in HVAC (heating,ventilation and air conditioning)
    • Flow rate sensing in appliances and water softeners
    • Printer head position sensing
    • Flow rate sensing in industrial processes
    • Robotic control (cylinder position monitoring)
    • Float-based fluid level sensing
    • Displacement sensor in hospital beds and medical equipment
    • Medication bin monitor on portable drug carts

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